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Wouldn’t it be a dream come true if you could get rid of years of aging in literally a couple of weeks – and without plastic surgery? It may seem hard to believe at first, but amazing things happen to bodies and skin at NVogue Medi Spa and Wellness Centers. Rhonda Sternberg, a licensed RN, LME, and LMT, and her husband, Dr. Richard Sternberg, the founders and owners of NVogue Medi Spa and Wellness Cen- ters, started with a vision of helping people get healthy, inside and out. The Streets of West Chester welcomed her first location around seven years ago after she resigned from her position as an intensive care unit nurse. She has since expanded her practice to two other locations in Liberty Township and Northern Kentucky.

The list of services is more than eclectic, with everything from therapeutic massage to “VI Peel,” facial peels that rid the skin of acne scars and even rosacea. Exciting new therapies; such as Ulthera which is used to lift and tighten the skin, with amazing results, using deep thermal ultrasound; while other medical products help keep skin healthy and younger looking for the long term. There are even holistic therapies available, such as “cupping,” which uses glass cups that suction the skin and tissues to work deep muscle tissue, and Craniosacral therapy, which is thought to help correct imbalances in the body, among other problems. While Sternberg utilizes lasers at her facilities, she stresses that a quick fix doesn’t really fix anything. “Here, we try to prevent and correct aging. Our focus is to improve how the skin functions and corrects the imperfections!”.

NVogue Medi Spa and Wellness Centers have truly changed lives, especially with HCG hormone diet therapy. The HCG hormone is naturally found in women’s bodies during pregnancy and stores itself in body fat. One client, who had suffered from weight-related ailments most of his life, experienced a true transformation due to Sternberg’s passion.