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"To Rhonda & her staff, 

On behalf of my sister Lisa and myself, I wanted to express our gratitude for the amazing way you took care of us onJanuary 16th. Neither one of us has ever experienced anything like that before, and probably never will again.

Myself personally, I can say that for the first time in 17 years, when I walked out of there, I wasn't in pain. No pain from the damage to my nerves from chemo, no pain from my fibromyalgia. I had forgotten what that felt like.

Lisa has had some issues with self-image since her mastectomy, and has always been a bit self-conscious about her vitaligo, and that day made her feel amazing. She's had some more health issues since then, but she still talks about how much fun that day was. 

My thanks again to you all for that day. It was truly a memorable experience for both myself and my baby sister. 



"To Whom It May Concern:

I am a true believer of the effects of CranioSacral massage. It has been a godsend to my 9 year old son who has had three surgeries on his neck. As he grows he has difficulties related to scar tissue. The CranioSacral massages have offered almost immediate improvement and have managed his symptoms in the long run as well. 

It has also been very helpful to my wife who had a chronic unexplained deep upper arm itching sensation. This was unresponsive to medications but resolved quickly with CranioSacral massage. 

Besides these two anecdotal cases, I believe CranioSacral massage has a much wider application to those of us who suffer chronic neck and back pain related to our jobs and busy lifestyles. Rhonda Sternberg an excellent CranioSacral therapist. I would recommend her without reservation. 

James E Fitzpatrick MD"